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  •  Payment in full is due upon delivery of final edited photographs.

Copyrights and License

  • Photographer retains the copyright and full rights to all photographs, slideshows, and videos.
  • Upon payment in full the listing agents is granted to a license to use the photographs, slideshows, and/or videos for the following purposes:
  • Marketing the real estate listing.  These rights are not transferrable and terminate when the listing is canceled, expires, or the property is sold.
  • Marketing the listing agents business (ex. future listing appointments).

Photographs, Slideshows, and Video archive schedule:

  • Edited photographs, slideshows, and videos - 6 months
  • Original unedited photographs - 3 months

Additional fees:

  • $100 return visit fee due to weather or re-staging (up to 5 pictures).
  • $75 Cancellation fee if less than 24 hour notice.
  • Call or e-mail for prices outside of Portland area.


  • al@sermeno.com

  • 503-522-0476

All photos copyrighted.

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