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The majority of home buyers browse the internet prior to setting foot into a home. Real estate photographs are often times the first impression potential buyers get of a home.

Here a few simple tips to help increase the screen appeal of a home.


Turn on all interior lights

Replace any non-working light bulbs

Turn off all ceiling fans

Remove piles of newspaper, magazines, and mail

Hide pet toys and water/food dishes



Put garbage cans in garage

Roll up garden hose

Move cars out of driveway

Put any umbrellas up on rear deck/patio

Mow lawn and remove leaves

Remove piles of newspapers and magazines

Put away all remotes

Hide all electric cords and cables

Remove personal items from tables and shelves


Remove all dishes from sink

Remove all photos, notes, papers, and magnets from the refrigerator

Clear counter tops of all items such as dishes, dish racks, food, and small appliances

Remove dish soap, dishtowels, garbage cans, and other items from kitchen


Arrange chairs around the table

Remove extra chairs

Add a simple centerpiece to the table


Remove hand towels from sink area

Remove all items from counter tops including; soap, towels, toothbrushes, and other supplies

Remove shampoo and other products from shower and bathtub

Open shower curtain

Remove bath mats, bath towels, scales, trashcans and spare toilet paper rolls

Close toilet lids


Make bed and arrange pillows

Put away toys and stuffed animals

Put away clothes, shoes, and hide all power cords

Remove personal items from dresser and nightstands

Remove trashcans and fans





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  •  Payment in full is due upon delivery of final edited photographs.

Copyrights and License

  • Photographer retains the copyright and full rights to all photographs, slideshows, and videos.
  • Upon payment in full the listing agents is granted to a license to use the photographs, slideshows, and/or videos for the following purposes:
  • Marketing the real estate listing.  These rights are not transferrable and terminate when the listing is canceled, expires, or the property is sold.
  • Marketing the listing agents business (ex. future listing appointments).

Photographs, Slideshows, and Video archive schedule:

  • Edited photographs, slideshows, and videos - 6 months
  • Original unedited photographs - 3 months

Additional fees:

  • $100 return visit fee due to weather or re-staging (up to 5 pictures).
  • $75 Cancellation fee if less than 24 hour notice.
  • Call or e-mail for prices outside of Portland area.


  • al@sermeno.com

  • 503-522-0476

All photos copyrighted.

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